100% Recycled Content

As consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of their purchases, we can help you make a difference by offering environmentally responsible product packaging and display systems. Utilizing recycled, reusable or biodegradable materials we can help you lower your carbon footprint. We also offer an entire line of promotional packaging made of 100% recycled content.

Go GREEN with our 100% Recycled Content GalleryBoard Packaging

We make our GalleryBoard Packaging with an official AFPA Recycling symbol. You’ll see it as a blind deboss – usually on the back panel of an item.

This symbol connotes that:

* the fiberboard content in GalleryBoard is made from 100% recycled content

* the topsheet content in GalleryBoard uses only ecologically-friendly coatings, does not contain solvents or chlorine and is FSC Certified

* The Fiberboard generally consists of the following percentages of recyclable paper stock: 90% Post-Consumer Waste paper (containing approximately 40% mixed office paper, such as envelopes, computer paper, offset paper, etc;, 20% old corrugated boxes and 30% newspapers). 5% is Pre-Consumer waste paper, and 5% internally generated pre-consumer mill trim waste. Resulting in a product with a density of 3.13 to 3.5 range. There are specific FDA guidelines as to the raw materials and additives which may or may not be used in manufacture. We warrant that the fiberboard we furnish you conforms to FDA Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Part 176.260.

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